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The reef philosophy

Kava bars are becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to healthier lifestyles. The kava community has provided an alternative social hangout where people can relax, feel good and have meaningful experiences without the booze.

The Rooted Reef is Fort Pierce Florida's first kava bar located in downtown next to the beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian River Lagoon. Fort Pierce is a historic marine town where you can come grab a shell and relax after a day of surfing and fishing. Our dog-friendly hangout provides a spot for friends and family to gather and play pool, study, read, create and connect. There is nothing quite like the thought provoking conversations and warm acceptance found in a kava bar. At the Rooted Reef, we believe in a community where everybody feels welcome to express themselves creatively, intellectually and socially. We invite you to be adventurous and try something new, first-timers shell on us!

Be Kind to nature, yourself & others. BULA!

What is kava?

Kava is a plant included in the pepper family. The root is mixed with water (or other liquids) and consumed for its relaxing properties. It is native to the South Pacific and has been used by tribes both ceremonially and recreationally for over a thousand years. Kava contains compounds called kavalactones that interact with the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. It is often used as a social lubricant and can also enhance creativity. Kava has a mildly earthy taste with peppery undertones.

The Rooted Reef uses the highest quality, lab-tested kava root sourced from farms on the islands of Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon and Tonga. We take pride in making our kava as smooth as possible to ensure you have the best experience! It is common at our bar to enjoy kava together and say "BULA!" which means To Life and Good Health. 

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What are reef teas?

Reef tea is an all natural botanical tea that offers a variety of benefits. Its leaf comes from a tropical tree in the coffee family (caffeine-free) and is native to Southeast Asia. It has many different strains with alkaloids that offer pain relief, mood boost, focus and energy. Health conscious people are switching to botanical teas as a healthier and natural alternative to coffee and sugary energy drinks.

Our high-quality tea leaf is lab-tested and brewed at a constant temperature to obtain a tea without the burnt taste and with the highest amount of alkaloids so you can enjoy a clean and pleasant feeling to get you through your day!

We took it a step further and blended organic juices, herbs and syrups to create delicious handcrafted "mocktails" that you can't help but smile when you take your first sip. 

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